mock refliction

How did you feel while you interviewed a classmate?  Do you believe that seeing an interview from the employer’s perspective makes you more prepared or not?  Please explain.

I felt like that I was boss and be able to be open about things. This made me more prepared for a future interview for like my job and college applicants or application.


I felt a bit nervous and but the same time comfortable around that classmate. But because of its a classmate, it’s different feeling so I felt more open to talking and more confident.

How do you feel about your responses?  Do you think your responses to the questions were adequate or do you feel you could have done better? What question did you find easy?  What question did you find difficult to answer?

I felt my responses should be more descriptive. I think my responses to the questions could be been more descriptive and have the detail to it when I explained them more personal things.

  1. What advice would you give someone who is participating in a mock interview or a real interview? What advice would you give yourself; in other words, how do you think you could improve for your real interview?

In my opinion, I would tell them that to be open and act like it’s your friend who is interested in what you have to say. I gave myself advice about it  and I told myself that their your friend and they won’t judge for being open and being confident.


  1. Yes, I know these mock interviews weren’t real, so imagine how you would perform in the interview if it was real.  What have you learned you need to do to be better prepared?  How should you dress for an interview?  How should you behave before, during, and after an interview?  What should you bring with you to an interview.?

I would dress casual like jeans and a nice shirt that suit it up for the Job depending the job or career it is, for example, a tattoo artist there wasn’t really a big change in clothing.

  1. Evaluate the activity.  Be honest.  What do you think was good about this class activity?  How do you think we could improve this activity for next time, next year? Do you believe this is a skill you do need or do not need in real life?  Please explain.

In my opinion, this activity is great practice for the interview to help me change the things I do in an interview and especially from a student felt like they would be more honest about the wrong things you do that you may not your doing. And probably giving a honest advice on things you can work on for next you have an interview with someone it would be great to take that advice.

Tell me about yourself? What made you apply for this job.?

Some things about myself I am really into art and drawing I always have since i was kid im very creative I use art to express myself a lot. I mean you see art a lot around the world you see in books, billboards, posters things like that. There are many kinds of art im willing to take and try many but my future career is to be a tattoo artist I am able to pursue my drawings and expressing it on someone than being thrown around like paper, That’s what made me apply for this job because I am able to do something I love and make others smile at what I did


English 2 reflection

  •  What did you learn from your presentation?

I learned from this presentation couple thing I needed like one important thing was how to make an hour but I learned that this would be my dream career.

  • How well do you think you did on your presentation?

In my opinion, I did great on my presentation I spoke loud enough for people to hear me and I elaborated.

  • What are some presentation techniques that can you incorporate into your next presentation?

Some techniques would be maybe adding an interesting video and add more information about his daily life as a tattoo artist.

  • What if anything, could you have done differently to change the outcome of your presentation?

I would have changed maybe showed some of that questions I asked a list of questions including his personal life and how it is to keep up with his career.

African American Art

Kehinde Wiley is known one of there surrealism art. His portraits really show a lot of emotion. Eash of his art has a quote to every of his artwork he has done it and it’s relevant to historic events. Photographs of models who wear western like clothing and something that related to modern time or past some of the issues that happen historically some prefer remain muted or ignore the fact what happened in the past but with artwork, it brings it up a special way his art explains a lot which some people would understand. A lot of people criticize his work many think its uninteresting. His art has a lot to say about himself and about the society. Kehinde art is unique its usual portraits of young African American men with historical references. Combining history and style to his canvases. Not just paintings of just random people he also made A recent painting of Obama and hip-hop artists. Kehinde started his art because overtime black males were always seen killed because police have shot or killed African American males. His artworks tell stories differently there expressed with portraits and many elements of art. His artwork has empowering poses that what makes it unique.

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Superbowl Ads 2018

Alexa Loses Her Voice – Amazon Super Bowl LII Commercial

In this video, the purpose was to entertain people with its comedy of the famous people such as Cardi B. This commercial has informed people to get the new product from Amazon. It also had persuaded people to buy Amazon product aka Alexa. The message of the ad was to buy the new Amazon product. The audience is for everyone who viewing. how do they get the audience attention by having known artist and music that a lot of people know? The famous artist and or actors is what brings people attention.

Doritos and Mountain Dew

This commercial is to entertain because it makes people laugh because of the comedy. It informed people about mountain dew and Doritos. It persuaded people with Doritos many people like there brand and the drink. the message that there’s a new type of chips and the famous mountain dew. Who brought the attention to the audience is the main point which is the chips and the drink. The music played in the background was well known and catchy and could get the attention of the audience.  The comedy of the actor’s lip singing the songs that what gotten peoples attention.


This video entertained but also informed us that anything can inspire you to do anything. It persuades people to buy new headphones and bought people attention. it brought people attention by bringing in a famous person who is known for there music and performances. The headphones weren’t big deal to people because they didn’t take it seriously till it was sponsored by the famous music artist.

social issues

What is your social issue?  Should the government allocate federal funds in support of the arts and art programs

Why is it such a social issue?  What do people disagree about in relation to this topic? It’s such a social issue the arts play a big role in our society. People disagree on that the arts should be funded.

What is your proposed solution?  Why do you think this is the best solution? the proposed solution would be to still fund the arts programs. I think this be the best solution because the arts are part of the society why stop if its great for people

What are pros to your solution? The pros of this are that its great for students can get a lot from it such as a student who are non- English speaking students these programs have improved students learning.

What are cons to your solution? The cons of the art that some artist aren’t able to express there selfs because people don’t know how to take it seriously or they take offensively. People don’t comprehend arts well and people should be taught that. People think its just art that is another reason why they want to stop the funding which it isn’t art it includes poetry. journalism, design, language.

How is the economic impact of arts and culture organizations different from other industries.?

Money changes hands any time because it takes measurable times.

Play Doh something about me.


This represents me because art is something I have always liked art. I have always liked sketching and drawing and any fundamentals of art. Since I was a kid I have always loved being creative and express my feelings through art. Art is really important for me its fun and stress free for me. art is big for our society without art how can someone really express there feelings, well there’s different types of art there inst just drawing and sketching there’s poetry, sculptures, writing like journalism and much more art is big in our society and in the world its expressed in different ways  I’ve noticed the people around me creating something else I didn’t know one of my classmates played the guitar and the other person into construction and building home. I really didn’t know they were into those things learn something new every day.  It’s interesting to see others things that there into that we didn’t know about and its unique. This brings back to the writing prompt im doing for English, which my topic is about funding for the arts programs such as the NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) which a lot of people say that we don’t need to fund the arts that there aren’t important that there fine with just being on there own. This activity did help the writing processes a lot better to comprehend ourselves and describing better in different ways.  this activity brings up rhetorical situation during the creation of something unique that describes us is design.

Should the U.S. raise taxes on the rich?

Many people in the U.S had voted on raising Taxes on the rich but many have voted No. 53% percent voted yes to lower tax income and remove any loopholes for large businesses or company. As for some only, 40% said no. The 40% of the people who said no in the U.S,  but to lower taxes for not wealthy people. As for different states such as in Texas that only 48% said yes, and 39% said no as for ethnicity black people have more impact than white, only 56%  said yes as only 37% said no. On the other hand Democrats vs. Republicans, Democrats seem to say yes to raising the taxes on rich people 84% of the people in the U.S  said yes to lower the income tax and remove and loopholes for large businesses or companies. for the Republicans, it’s a different story only 65% said no and only 26% yes, it changed drastically the Republicans decide to lower the tax income for the non-wealthy people. In some other cases education voters it seems the number of voters get bigger for example high school vs. masters degree, high school only has 52% of the voters said yes as 39% of the voters said no. Then compare the master’s degree voters said that 55% said yes and 38% said no.

Jazmin Huizar

 My name is Jazmin Huizar and paintbrush represents who am. My hobby is art I love to sketch and draw a lot. im fun and funny and chill to be around. I’ve been drawing since I was a kid and now it is my goal to become a tattoo artist. Been working hard to practice my drawing and realism.